Poppin Purple 3 Dudes Quilt


I just recently finished a lap quilt for a co-worker. She was creating a very beautiful bow-tie for me so I wanted do do something for her. I knew I wanted to use the 3 Dudes Quilt pattern


Now it was time for the fabric. At first I ordered MICHAEL MILLER’s Brambleberry Ridge ROSEMILK by Violet Craft


I thought it was beautiful. My co-worker was of a differing opinion. So it was back to the drawing board.

Next I thought about her spending time in Yosemite with family and friends. She relishes this every year. So I ordered Quilting Treasures “Whitetail Ridge” MOUNTAINS, BRANCHES, and FORREST. 



But after ordering and talking to her again I wasn’t feeling the project. She gave me an artisan yarn website she liked and the color purple. So I decided to take a trip to a Quilt Shop I love. Quilter’s Paradise is a dream…

I walked around and looked at everything. Talked to the girls, and through trial and error I decided on mostly Cotton + Steel with a few others mixed in. So here is my finished project, before Binding. Sashing was added in last minute. I decided it needed sashing after laying out the squares.


Next I bound and Labeled it ready for gifting.



I hope this helps and inspires you.


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