Thrift store shopping and some remnants from Joanns


If you are like me you shop everywhere. My local thrift/secondhand shops can be a great resource for fabric. I never know what I’ll find. Sometimes it is next to nothing and other times it’s like winning the lottery.  Today was a lottery day. At the first store I found a piece of Thirties repo fabric for $.95. That in my book is an automatic win. But ad to that  2yds of double wide quilt back for $2.95 and a nice Xmas fabric for $.95. Win win win.

Of couse as a compulsive shopaholic I can’t just call it a day and move on. I have to drive to my other favorite thrift store. And there they have a truckload.



On my first pass I found a western, southwest, African, 2 Northwoods (one by Debbie Mumm, 2 keepsakes. But of course it was my lucky day because I wondered the store and on my second pass a girl was stocking more fabric. And I got (grabbed greedily) 2 yd of a Cat in the hat fabric from Springs Creative. Up to this point I never knew the had that license at one time let alone printed fabric. WIN WIN WIN.


I had also acquired some remnants from my local Joanns and to auctions from Ebay had arrived. One being a Skull Print from Alexander Henry I have been looking for and a pattern/template from Marti Michell. I will post later on the template and if it works well for Drunkard’s path. Anyone have any ideas on how I should use these fabrics?


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