Drunkard’s Path with Marti Mitchell Template


Let me start out by saying this isn’t the Best template for my needs. What I can gleam from the internet is that this template was created before pre-cuts where invented. And so this template takes to much calculation and thought. So the easy button was broken.


I had to figure out how to cut it from 5″ squares. You were supposed to cut the inner circle from strips and the Outer piece from a square in the size chosen. What, what, what? I wanted to use scraps. I should have called it a day right there and then.


But after some trial and ERROR. I thought I figured it out. I used a 5″ square.  I first cut the inner, then I cut the remainder square to a 4″. Easy right? Well it seemed like ai hade it down until I sewed the pieced together and ended up being short by about a 1/8″.


I squared the up and thought I was good to go but in the end my lines were off.


I did get to try a pattern I have wanted to try for a while. And as a side note, I was reading a blog post the other day and her Drunkard’s Path was off just as much as mine. And she pinned and everything.


Now the big plus was the pattern layouts inside. They were worth the entire purchase…

Until next time, Live long and prosper.


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