Instagram for the backwords


Ok let’s start out with a little background.  I am a Capricorn and year of the Tiger.  So that puts me in a very unique place. I don’t like change and dig my claws in when faced with it. It took me forever to start an Etsy store. Which I ran ok and then gave up on the venture when all my work was being favorited but I saw no sales, except for fabric. Then I finally decided to start a blog, but I have read that blogs are dead. So I decided to try Instagram.

It seems promising so far. I can see work from Japan that inspires me. I can showcase my work and I might actually go somewhere. Of course I am backwords so it might just be the moment. And then I’ll be on to the next old veture.

By the way I tryed Instagram back when it first released but didn’t take a lot of pictures back then. I am not all that into social media. I guess that’s the introvert in me.


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